Before Exam day

NAATI Online assessment is Conducted via ProctorExam, a leading platform for online proctoring. Registered candidates will receive an email with instructions to test their devices and check access to the online platform. Candidates can expect this mail a week before the test day.
This instruction email is crucial so candidates must keep an eye on their inbox, spam/junk folder and mandatorily get the check done before 48 hours of the exam. NAATI will send you the link to your test.

On the Exam Day

General Instructions
  • The candidate’s device (Computer/Laptop) needs to have a camera and microphone. Mobile phone has to be used as the second camera for surveillance purpose, kept behind or next to the candidate just like the exam hall.
  • Before the test starts, the test location is checked. There should not be any distraction, disturbing noise, or a second person.
  • Smart gadgets other than the ones used for the test have to be turned off. The test gets cancelled if any such practices are noticed.
  • Candidate should have their identity proof (Passport or driver's license, the one submitted during registration process) and must be shown in front of the camera during id check before the exam starts.
  • The test result is not issued in case of suspicion about candidate’s identity.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to take the test in case of late login. Advised time must be adhered to.
  • Candidates are given 35 minutes to complete the exam, 15 minutes to read the exam instruction & equipment set-up/test, and only 20 minutes for the test.
Technical/Equipment Requirements
  • Minimum Internet connection speed required: Upload -1.5Mbit/s and Download- 10Mbit/s
  • The test cannot be taken without using Google products, so availability is a must.
  • Google Chrome’s latest version is preferable.
  • ProctorExam works on these OS: Windows 8 and advance, ChromeOS, Mac OS X & higher, and most Linux distributions. 
  • Headset, computer/laptop camera, mobile phone camera, microphone, speaker all are well tested and work flawlessly.
  • Candidate needs to install the ProctorExam app (available on Android & iOS) on their mobile (working as the second camera) for recording. 
  • Version lower than Android 4.1 or iOS (Apple) 10. are not supported.

Resource Access During Exam

Blank Paper & A Pen
Electronic Devices
Hearing Aids*
( *Only if the candidate has shared hearing aid’s picture and model details to NAATI Officials, a week before to the exam)

Other Important Instructions

Long pauses, multiple repeat requests, reworking
are considered distractions and must be avoided.
Candidates are allowed to make corrections before continuing to the next part. Use (Sorry I’ll just say that part again) as a preface when you want to speak the dialogue correctly.
For security purposes, candidates are not allowed to pause
the test or step out of the room before completion.
For technical support during the test live chat, email and call to support options are available.
*By taking the test, all candidates agree to maintain the test material’s confidentiality*