How is the NAATI CCL Test Marked?

CCL Test comprises of two dialogues; each worth 45 marks. In order to pass the test, a candidate requires at least 29 marks in each dialogue and an overall score of 63 out of 90.

The result for the CCL Test will be given as:

  • PASS: 63 or higher (marks out of 90)
  • MARGINAL FAIL: between 55 and 62.5 (marks out of 90)
  • CLEAR FAIL: less than 55 (marks out of 90)

In situations where a candidate achieves 23 out of 45 in Dialogue 1, 41 out of 45 in Dialogue 2 and an Overall Score of 64 out of 90, the result given will be CLEAR FAIL as the candidate hasn’t achieved required score in Dialogue 1 (i.e. 29).


Naati CCL Test Marking

NAATI CCL Test Assessment

A candidate’s ability to convey meaning of the dialogues in English and Language Other Than English (LOTE) is assessed in the NAATI CCL Test.

Two significant factors that contribute to CCL Assessment Test are

  • Language Quality
  • Language Register

'Language Quality' refers to a candidate's competency in both English and LOTE. And, 'Language Register' refers to the level of formality with which a candidate transfers the meaning.

NAATI CCL Test is assessed individually by at least two examiners using a Deductive Marking System. Here, the type of errors in a candidate’s performance are taken into account by the examiners. Based upon the impact of these errors on the actual meaning of a sentence or a dialogue, the marks are deducted.

Errors for which the examiners deduct a candidate’s score are:

  • Accuracy (correctness of information)
  • Distortions (misrepresentation of information)
  • Omissions (removal of information)
  • Insertions (addition of information)

If two or three of these errors are detected per dialogue, the examiner declares the result as FAIL.

Opinions of both examiners are considered in determining whether the candidate has passed the NAATI CCL Test or not. In case, if one of the examiners disagree regarding the performance of the candidate, additional examiners get involved in finalizing the result.