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NAATI CCL Test judges a candidate’s ability to act as an interpreter between two speakers who speak different languages (i.e. English & Language Other Than English or LOTE). A candidate can claim 5 bonus points for the Australia PR Visa application, by achieving the desired score in the NAATI CCL Exam.
The Nepali language is one of the fastest growing Asian languages in some states of Australia and is also included in the list of Language Other Than English (LOTE) for the CCL Test.
In the Nepali CCL assessment test, a candidate is expected to deliver the exact information spoken by speakers in English as well as in the Nepali language.

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Nepali NAATI CCL Practice Material

If you are going to appear for the Nepali CCL Test, the practice materials given here will provide your preparation the boost it always needed. The materials have been designed by our experts, who have the necessary experience and expertise, to give you an idea about the format of the actual test.

The study materials consist of dialogues in both the languages, comprehensively designed to simulate a real-like exam experience for the candidates.

The test instructions are as follows-
You will hear two dialogues between an English speaker and a Nepali speaker. You have to interpret into the other language what each speaker says. As soon as each speaker finishes a segment, you hear this signal (chime). You may take notes if you wish. You should begin interpreting only a few seconds after you hear the signal.

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Quick Tips for Practice

Familiarise yourself with real-life scenarios within the Australian society (health, legal, education, community, financial, housing etc.) You can do this by reading the relevant literature. Try to absorb quirks of commonly spoken Australian English.

Start your preparation by recording small passages from radio and television in the LOTE. Listen to two sentences, and repeat them in the same language while recording your voice. Track your progress.

Attempt CCL Practice Tests, and test your performance in an exam-like scenario. Inspect your performance, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Retake the test to check your performance.