Gujarati NAATI CCL

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NAATI CCL Test assesses a candidate’s ability to act as a channel of communication between two speakers who speak different languages. A point-based Australian Immigration Visa applicant is awarded five PR points on clearing the CCL Test.
Gujarati is the next language growing its presence at a significant rate in Australia and is accepted now as one of the LOTEs (Language Other Than English) for the NAATI Credentialed Community Language Test.
If an aspirant select ‘Gujarati’ as preferred language or LOTE for the NAATI CCL Test, he/she must have great competency in both, English & Gujarati Language. A candidate can achieve the required score & earn 5 PR points only with a broad vocabulary and proper understanding of both languages.

Gujarati NAATI CCL Practice Material

The provided practice material will familiarize you with the actual test-like material and prove to be beneficial in the overall NAATI CCL test preparation.

The practice materials consist of dialogues similar to dialogues of the real CCL Test.

The instructions are read as:
You will hear two dialogues from a conversation between an English speaker and a Gujarati speaker. You are required to interpret the dialogue (what the speaker has said) in the other language. You will hear this sound (chime) after each segment is finished & should begin interpreting a few seconds after the sound.

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Quick Tips to Practice

Reading literature related to CCL Test topics like government, consumer affairs, financial, health & the real-life scenarios that contribute to the Australian community can be really helpful. Try to learn terminologies associated with these topics.

Monitor the progress; record your responses, listen to them, and analyse how well you interpret the meaning. Keep an eye on language quality too.

Develop same competency level in both the languages; Read magazines, watch the news, listen to podcasts, etc.