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Live Coaching to pace up the NAATI CCL Hindi Preparation with uniquely designed study material.

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Learn from Professional NAATI CCL Experts & get the doubts cleared from your way to 5 PR points.

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All-in-one Coaching for CCL Nepali test takers including Practice, Mock Tests, Vocab Bank, and more.

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Group online coaching will be conducted on Google Meet. Kindly register with your Gmail ID only.

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6 Key Takeaways from Online Coaching

Bringing you closer to the Dream and the Community through Personal Transformation.

Comprehensive Vocabulary

Access to a comprehensive vocab bank will expand your vocabulary that will intensify your day-to-day communication quality and effectiveness.

Bring Language Proficiency

With unlimited dialogue practice, meaning interpretation, and translation your language proficiency isn’t just brushed-up but improved.

Develop Formal Speaking

Experts explain to you how to manage the language register attribute. After the training, you can surely identify the formal aspect in your speaking that helps lifelong.

A glimpse of the Australian Community

The dialogues reflect the real-life situation in the Australian community. During the learning and practice, you get a fair idea about multiple topics and nature of conversations in the community.

Get Real Exam-like Experience

Get to experience real exam-like environment at home and familiarize yourself with online test-taking requisites and process.

Grow Best Learning Practices

Online learning isn’t just convenient but an independent form of learning. This will help you in creating better learning practices, time management, and resources utilisation.

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Online NAATI CCL Coaching will prepare you to crack the test. So that you can collect 5 points for your Australia PR.
The course makes you familiar with the NAATI CCL format, the questions asked, and more. It also offers plenty of study resources.
Pick up expert tips, tricks & strategies from the NAATI accredited trainer. Also, learn to apply them with regular practice.
You will get trained with lots of exam questions, online practice questions and more. You'll be able to identify weak areas & improve with the help of expert feedback. The frequent mock tests will keep you on track for the NAATI CCL. Both you & the trainer can track your progress. This allows for adequate changes in the preparation strategy, when necessary.
Leverage the power of technology with live interactive classes to prepare the best. Crack the NAATI CCL test like a pro. You focus on preparation and practice. Leave the rest of your concerns to us!

Course Structure

The comprehensively designed course structure to make you Exam-ready! Get the NAATI CCL test information, Study materials, Practice Dialogues, tips & strategies to crack the exam.

Duration - 1hr Daily, Mon-Fri


Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Nepali, Mandarin, Vietnamese & Persian

Unlimited FREE Dialogue

Practice well for the test day with unlimited FREE dialogues.

Mock Tests

To evaluate candidate’s preparation and improve to achieve excellent score.

Topics covered

All topics listed by NAATI are covered during the course.
The dialogues featured in the test contain day to day topics which typically form a part of the daily life in Australian society.
The number of topics covered in the NAATI test is limited and the routine topics covered in the test dialogues include:
  • Health
  • Legal
  • Community
  • Immigration/settlement
  • Education
  • Social services
  • Financial
  • Housing
  • Business
  • Employment
  • Insurance
  • Consumer Affairs

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Note: Group online coaching will be conducted on Google Meet. Kindly register with your Gmail ID only.

What Makes CCL Tutorials the Best Choice?

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The trust our students put in us is what motivates us the most in helping them clear their NAATI CCL exam in just one attempt. Take a look at how proud they have made us feel…

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Note: Group online coaching will be conducted on Google Meet. Kindly register with your Gmail ID only.


The test has two dialogue recordings, each of 300 words, which is divided into segments of 35 words each. Dialogues are from the conversation between an English speaker and a LOTE Speaker. The test taker interprets and translates the segments from one language (spoken)to another and response of the test taker is recorded.

Each of the two dialogues is worth 45 marks. A candidate must achieve a minimum of 29 marks in each dialogue and in total 63 marks out of 90 to pass the test. Less than 29 in either dialogue would be marked as a clear fail.

Clear Fail- less than 58 marks
Marginal fail – between 58 and 62.5 marks
Pass- 63 marks or above

It’s a very short process:

  • Register yourself in myNAATI Portal and submit the application with all details.
  • Once you receive an email confirmation from NAATI, Select the date and make payment.

Naati takes 4-6 weeks to send the results. Results are sent via email.

Business, Insurance, Employment, Consumer affairs, Legal, Community, Education, financial, health, Immigration, Social Services, and Housing are the most common topics.

Candidates can change the LOTE at zero cost if the test date is more than a week away. 100% penalty would be there if the candidate changes the LOTE within 7 days from the test date.

NAATI CCL result is valid for three years from the issued date.

Yes, To reschedule, the first scheduled session must be rejected and a new slot needs to be booked as per the availability.