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The NAATI CCL Test determines the ability of a candidate to translate & convey what is spoken by the speakers in a conversation – English & Language Other Than English. (LOTE) As part of certain point – based Australian PR applications, a candidate, upon passing his/her exam is given 5 (bonus) points for their Australian PR application.
The Tamil language has been around for thousands of years and is also the longest surviving classical language in the world, spoken by millions. As Tamil is a globally recognized language, it is accepted as one for the LOTE; and thereby for the Credentialed Community Language (CCL) exam.
The test – taker should not just have a high level of competency or knowledge of vocabulary, he/she must also be able to convey the exact meaning of what the speaker speaks and translate it from English to Tamil and vice versa.

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Tamil Naati CCL Practice Material

Our Tamil NAATI CCL Practice Materials are not only comprehensively designed to give you a real exam–like atmosphere, but also help you gain confidence in translating dialogues from Tamil to English & vice – versa and widen vocabulary.

Test Instructions –
You will hear two dialogues from a conversation between an English speaker and a Tamil speaker. You are required to interpret into the other language what each speaker says. As soon as a speaker finishes a segment, you will hear a signal (chime). You should only begin interpreting a few seconds after the signal (chime) is heard. You may take notes if you want to.

Download “A Guide to NAATI CCL” E-book for FREE! Gather end-to-end information about NAATI CCL Exam like Test Format, Candidate instructions, Preparation Tips, Sample dialogues, Result, FAQs and more.

Quick Tips to Practice

Try to decode various accents by listening to various podcasts everyday as the speakers may/may not be native or from pure English speaking countries.

Listening to news and reading magazines or newspapers in both English & your LOTE can help you develop more knowledge & confidence.

Anayse your performance regularly by giving as many NAATI CCL tests as you can. Improve one step at a time.