All these years you might have heard that having good grades and substantial skills can bring you opportunities to build your career overseas.

But, did you know "good interpreting skills" can also help to boost the chances of working abroad?

Well, if you are an applicant looking forward to migrate to Australia on Skilled Migration Visas i.e. 189 visa, 190 visa or 489 visa, knowing this would definitely help you.

By getting accredited in community language test like NAATI CCL (Credentialed Community Language) Test, you can claim "five bonus points" for your point-based Australia PR Visa application. The NAATI CCL Exam determines a candidate's ability to serve as a medium of communication between two persons who speak different languages.

In other words, an applicant's capability to convey meaning of a conversation from English to LOTE (Language Other Than English) and vice versa is examined in the CCL Assessment Test. So, in order to claim five CCL points, you need to be a competent interpreter.

As the NAATI CCL Test is specifically aimed for international students, it demands you to showcase supreme interpreting skills for both - English Language & your Native Language (i.e. LOTE). So,  


Here are some key qualities that you should develop to achieve your desired score!

Good Interpretation is not just about having a good command over a particular language. It also requires specific qualities.


1. Be an Active Listener

An interpreter need to actively listen to every word, grasp every intent and understand every meaning so that the true meaning is interpreted.

CCL Active Listener

So, you must look to it that the sense of the message is retained when you convey it from source (English) language to target (LOTE) language in the NAATI CCL Exam.


2. Have Wide Range of Vocabulary along with Thorough Knowledge of Both the Languages

It is essential that an interpreter speaks any language even better than a native speaker. As interpreter have to work in real-time, there is no time to refer to a dictionary or look for the correct usage of words. Thus, having a wide range of Vocabulary and detailed knowledge regarding both the languages is must.

Moreover, your ability to interpret the idioms used by the speakers, grammatical skills, and knowledge of using appropriate nuances is assessed in the CCL Exam. Having these skills will certainly help you fetch a good score.


3. Cultivate Working Knowledge of Similar Subjects, Topics or Businesses

Some of the topics covered in the NAATI CCL Test include Immigration, Law, Health, Education, Finance, Legal Services and similar subjects that contribute to the social life of the Australian society.

Working Knowledge of CCL

If you have the working knowledge of the topic being discussed in the exam, it would become easy for you to comprehend what is being said by the speaker. Also, the terminologies used in the conversation won't appear to be new if you already have come across them while undergoing your CCL test preparation.


4. Develop In-depth Understanding of Local Cultures

It might be possible that the literal meaning of the word spoken may be different from what it actually means because languages and cultures do contradict. Thus, to interpret the exact meaning, you must be aware of the culture of people speaking a particular language (i.e. accent of the speaker must be well understood).

Let's consider an example that depicts the difference of British English and American English. Though it is English either way, there are many words, idioms and cultural exchanges that are extremely different for both the accents.


Everyday Words How American says? How Brits say?

Front of a car






Place of living



Therefore, you must learn to manage nuances as per the cultural influences and deliver accurate interpretation.


5. Have Multitasking Skills

Multi-tasking skills are must-have for the CCL Test as you require to listen to what is being said, translate it, and communicate it in the translated form effectively.

CCL Multitasking

To achieve all these at the same time, you should have quick analytical skills and the ability to handle several tasks simultaneously. These skills help you maintain the flow of communication and thus avoid misinterpretation. Further, it is even advisable to take notes of important subjects spoken while you hear the conversation so that you can interpret easily and correctly.

If you are contemplating to appear for the NAATI CCL Test, it is crucial to have these interpreting skills. And, to nurture these skills, what you require doing is practice, practice and practice!

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