Your NAATI CCL test day is around the corner.

You want to clear this exam in the first attempt, but the anxiety of not performing well just makes everything difficult. Besides, that constant whispering in ears- "how should I start preparing for the CCL exam?" and getting airy-fairy tips around is only adding to your annoyance.

Well, though the duration of the NAATL CCL exam is short, the stress that comes along with it only hinders candidates from performing their best.

The good news is, there are easy ways that help to overcome exam pressure, or at least ensure that it won't affect your performance.

Let's find out!

Choose The Right LOTE (Language Other Than English):

One of the basic and the most essential steps you can take to perform stress-free in the CCL test is to choose the language for practice in which you are confident.  Put yourself into the skin of the language that you understand and speak well. This will boost your confidence to a great extent.

For instance, if your first language is English, pay attention to and talk as much as you can in the language other than English, and vice versa. For start to end guidance and help at each steps CCL Tutorials can help you with complete consultation and online coaching for Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Persian and other LOTEs.

Use Radio & Television To Your Best Advantage:

Initiate your preparations by recording small passages from radio and television (of the language you are going to choose for NAATI CCL exam like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Persian etc.). Begin with two sentences first and gradually go for more, listen to and repeat them in the same language regularly.

Make a practice to record yourself every time you speak those passages. This way you can check your progress and also get adapted to talking when being recorded.  Once you are self-assured of speaking well, you can then move to listen and respond by conveying the meaning into the other language.

Look For The Right Resources:

The dialogues in the NAATI CCL test cover real-life scenarios within the Australian society. These include health, education, legal, community, financial, housing, business, employment, consumer affairs, immigration etc. Digging rigorously into a literature by visiting government departments or reading newspapers in both English and the LOTE is one of the best things you can do to enhance your practice and ultimately your score.


Vocabs are important:

You know the topics covered in Naati CCL Test so work on familiarising yourself with the words that probably would come up in the dialogue or say conversation. Normalise speaking these words in your daily conversations so you can get hold of knowing and speaking it during the test.

Terms or words you feel out of the context and unaware of in the exam hall could create problem with your performance and hence result. Use the Vocab bank and broaden your vocabulary for both English and LOTE (Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Persian Urdu etc.)

Speak, Speak & Speak :

Create a real-time test environment at your home. Ask your family or friends to read short passages for you, approximately 30 to 40 words. Try to interpret as precisely as you can in the other language without relying on notes.


Use Practice Materials:

There are lot of practice materials available online that allows you to record yourself and play it back. Make the most of such materials to scrutinize if you are conveying the meaning appropriately and with clarity.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to ace the NAATI CCL Test.

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