If you are aspiring to get a Permanent Residency in Australia under Visa Subclass 189, 190, or 491, one of the most beneficial pieces of information you shouldn't miss is NAATI CCL Test. This is because it will get you 5 bonus PR points. Well, what not charming about that?
Get all the details about the NAATI CCL test that you have been looking for, such as what is NAATI CCL, Marking System, LOTEs options available, NAATI CCL Test Format, test structure, and more.
The ultimate thing is you don't need to hold any specific degree, experience, or academics knowledge for this test but a certainly good grasp of two languages, one must be English and another you can choose from the list of LOTE approved by NAATI.
To clear one of the most asked doubt about the test "Does clearing the test means one can work as a translator or interpreter?
The answer is NO. The primary and sole purpose of the test is to help skilled visa migration applicants to gain some extra points which can make their application eligible or more considerable for a visa grant.

CCL Test Infographic