All set for the NAATI CCL Test?

Ready with all the preparation and exam day tips? Well, your preparation is not complete till you make a note of the common mistakes to avoid. This will keep you from making these easily avoidable mistakes, and losing marks.

In this post, we will explain about the 5 common mistakes that test-takers make in the NAATI CCL Test:
1. Don't be too literal

Don't commit the mistake of interpreting word for word. Try to account for the style in which the dialogue has been delivered in the source language. Once you have made sense of that, try to interpret the same in the target language. Also, try to account for idioms, and don't interpret in a robotic manner. Try and understand the nuances, and subtleties of the language.

2. Don't commit grammatical errors

Don't change the tense while interpreting from source to target language. Don't change the verb form while interpreting. Pay attention to things like word cluster, word order, singular and plural forms.


3. Wrong word meaning

Be careful about the words you are using. Oftentimes, certain words in the source language have no appropriate equivalent in the target language. These words cannot be interpreted. Similarly, in the Language Other than English (LOTE), there are certain words which have a deep religious or cultural connect. It can be hard to find an equivalent word in English in such cases.

When faced with this situation, some test-takers end up choosing a close enough word, in the hope that they will get it correct. But practically, they end up getting it wrong. For example, there is no suitable Hindi equivalent of the word "Debit Card", or "Master Card". So, it is good practice to be aware of such words, so that you don't end up interpreting it wrong.

4. Avoid Omissions

It is very important to avoid omissions when interpreting from source to target language. Omission means missing out on interpreting a certain part of the dialogue. This can cost you marks. To avoid omissions, your note-taking has to be impeccable, because your interpretation will heavily depend on your notes. Develop your own shorthand, and get a lot of practice on note-taking. Good note-taking will mean that you won't commit any omissions.

While interpreting, try and maintain the language register. Language register is the level of formality with which you speak. Whether it is formal or informal, maintaining the language register is important yet advised. Not doing so could mean losing marks.

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