The NAATI CCL test is often not given its due importance by Australia PR aspirants. This is due to the popularity of other English language proficiency tests. There is also a lack of awareness about the CCL test.

But, from the students’ point-of-view, the NAATI CCL is one of the easiest tests to crack. Cracking the test gives you 5 GOLDEN points for your Australia Permanent Residency application!

On this blog, we have been sharing helpful NAATI CCL tips, tricks and strategies.

On the CCL Tutorials Mobile App, we have provided lots of free resources. Mock tests in 7 languages, complete NAATI CCL guide, tips to improve your vocabulary, and more!

But a need for something more was always felt.

With that in mind, Aussizz CCL introduces Hindi NAATI CCL coaching (Stay tuned to CCL Tutorials for online coaching in other languages!). Get coached expert trainer, a NAATI Accredited Interpreter ! With his/her vast experience and expertise, he/she will help aspirants crack the NAATI CCL.

What is Aussizz CCL Online Coaching?

There are two courses under Online Coaching.

  1. NAATI CCL Advantage Course
  2. NAATI CCL Crash Course

How to choose between Advantage Course and Crash Course?

  • The crash course is for aspirants with functional knowledge of how the NAATI CCL test works.
  • It is for those who are a little prepared in both English and LOTE (Language Other Than English).
  • But these aspirants also feel the need for more confidence and practice.
  • The Advantage Course is for those who have excellent command over English and LOTE.
  • But these aspirants don’t have the necessary practice and preparation for NAATI CCL.

Still confused? Take a free mock test & decide

Need more time to figure out where exactly you stand? Don’t worry. Just download the CCL Tutorials Mobile App and take the free mock tests.

The mock tests come with answer. These will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses current knowledge level. You can make an informed choice between Advantage and Crash Course.

How flexible are the classes?

The Aussizz-CCL coaching service follows a student-first approach. So you can expect plenty of flexibility. There are classes on weekends and weekdays. On the weekdays, there are morning and evening classes.

Is there an option for a custom-made class?

Yes, indeed! At Aussizz-CCL, we follow a student-first approach. Aussizz-CCL coaching offers you the freedom to craft a class according to your unique needs.

What support can you expect in the online coaching?

When we say ‘online coaching’ we are not talking about videos of pre-recorded classes.

With Aussizz CCL online coaching, all the classes are LIVE. You will get the feel of a physical classroom, even though you are taking an online course. You can get your doubts resolved with the tutor. Expect lots of in-class practice, both online and offline. You can download tons of free materials, and tests, and assess your progress.

On top of that, there will be regular mock tests. These test will help you and the tutor identify the areas where you need more guidance.

The NAATI CCL test is an excellent enabler for your Australia PR dreams. It is designed to test you for your functional English and LOTE skills.

No rote learning!

Master the correct approach with NAATI CCL Online Coaching.

Devote time to preparation and practice. Collect 5 points for your Australia PR application!

Best of luck!

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