Clearing the NAATI CCL Test is a great way to get 5 extra points for your Australia Permanent Residency Application, which explains why the test is so popular with people who have aspirations of migrating to Australia.

It is not hard to explain why. The NAATI CCL Test is relatively easier to crack, as compared to other exams that the NAATI holds. The test takes about 20 minutes to complete, and its utility in the form of the extra 5 points is unparalleled.

What does the CCL test assess?

The CCL test judges the candidate's ability to interpret the meaning and essence of a conversation between speakers of two different languages (English and Language Other Than English or LOTE). The preparation required for this is straightforward enough. You already have a certain level of proficiency in both languages and all you need to do is get familiar with the NAATI CCL Exam format and get a lot of practice in real exam-like conditions.

In this post, we will offer you 5 secret tips to follow during the exam to crack the NAATI CCL Test::

  1. Take notes in English

Try to develop the habit of taking notes in English. Between English and LOTE, most of us are more at ease with English, as it is the language we end up using throughout the day: to send an SMS, to send a chat message, etc. So, taking quick notes with shortcuts is going to be easier if you take notes in English and not the LOTE. Image writing shorthand notes in Hindi or Punjabi or any other LOTE. This advice goes without saying if the recording you hear is in English, but try to follow this tip even if the dialogue you just heard is in the LOTE.

  1. Take notes in neat and clear handwriting

When you take notes, make sure that you do so in handwriting that is legible, unless you find it difficult to read from your writing later. Remember that you don't have to write whatever is said in the audio verbatim, but only the keywords, and the memory triggers, numbers and figures (if applicable). So, to avoid last moment panic which causes to become disfluent and lose precious marks, try and maintain legible, clear, and neat handwriting while taking notes.

  1. Develop your shortcuts

Create your list of shortcuts and abbreviations over time, and get enough practice with them, so that you can save precious time during the exam.

Develop abbreviations for commonly used words/phrases.
  1. Wait for the chime before interpreting

This is a valuable piece of advice. Ensure that you do not start interpreting immediately once you hear the segment. Following each segment, you will hear a chime, which is a signal for you to begin speaking. Take 3-5 seconds to gather your thoughts before interpreting. However, avoid taking a long pause in the beginning, as you may lose marks.

  1. Write the name of the target language

As advised, if you are taking the notes during the exam in English, also write the target language (English or LOTE) beside your notes, to avoid any confusion. Otherwise, it is possible that you may get confused, and end up interpreting a dialogue to the source language itself. Make it a habit to always write the target language alongside your notes, even when practicing.

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