Seeing the current circumstances caused by the COVID19 pandemic outbreak, it is smart to go for Online NAATI CCL Preparation. Complimenting it, there are very powerful methods institutes and authorities have come up with to facilitate the needful at your home i.e. Learning from home. Before moving towards the ways to 'how you can prepare for the NAATI CCL Test at home', it's important to know the CCL test in details.

About the NAATI CCL Test:

The language ability test consists of two dialogues of approximately 300 words each. The dialogues are in both the languages; English and the LOTE, divided into segments of upto 35 words. You, the test taker will listen to the recording and convey the meaning of each segment from one language to another. 

Since the test is now conducted online the candidate has to set up the NAATI CCL Exam environment at home, activate/deactivate the recording, request for correction all by self which was done by the examiner in exam-center based tests.

However, there is no other major difference in the online test when compared to center based test. 

If you haven't already, get details about how to register/apply for NAATI CCL Test, marking criteria, assessment parameter, when can you expect the results, etc

What are the exam topics?

Dialogues in the CCL Test reflect real-time situations in Australian society. IT examines how well the candidates can communicate in both languages. Topics covered in the NAATI CCL Test are

  • Business
  • Community 
  • Consumer affairs
  • Legal
  • Housing
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Immigration\Settlement
  • Health
  • Employment
  • Social Services
  • Insurance

How much time do you need?

Ideally, the candidate needs 6 weeks to 8 weeks to prepare thoroughly for the exam as there are countable things to learn, vocab of two languages to enhance, topics to get familiar with, structure, time management, and a lot more.

Some candidates run out of time and can give a week to 4 weeks only for the preparation. In such cases, the preparation level and possibilities to pass the test depend solely on the candidate's capabilities and learning speed.


Based on the time you have in hand for preparation, it is advised to consult a professional for guidance for the test as it makes things a lot easier. Our expert' guidance and online NAATI CCL Coaching has made it to hundreds of success stories of helping the student pass the NAATI CCL exam like a pro and take the 5 PR points home.

Mock tests

There is no other way to figure out what may go wrong in the exam and which part of the preparation needs your attention. Take mock tests, analyze your preparation, correct the error with practice.

Note Taking

Note-taking is a very prominent part when it comes to NAATI CCL Test practice. Develop note-taking skills during the preparation phase itself. Don't write everything you hear, note down the important terminologies and connecting words that can prove beneficial while interpreting.

More the better

The more you study, the better it is. Try speaking with your friends in the LOTE. It will build a habit of speaking the language, gain fluency and enhance vocab because none of this happens overnight.

Watch Tv shows or news where you find the conversation related to mentioned topics. You will probably come across the word you never heard. It helps you get used to the language enhancing your performance in the test. Also, repeating the dialogues simultaneously helps in improving pronunciation and oral fluency.

These preparations apart from the regular NAATI study are cherry on the cake.

Unknowingly translating from English to LoTE or LOTE to English happens quite frequently than assumed and can be avoided with regular practice only.

You do not have to use complex vocabulary words but certainly, be aware of translation for related terms in both languages.

Take advantage

There are a number of facilities provided by CCL Tutorials like study materials, Expert counseling, Online Coaching, a Free NAATI CCL App for practice, a Telegram group, etc for Online NAATI CCL Preparation, FB page for the latest updates and offerings. Connect to avail the advantages and get CCL Test success.

Thousands of aspirants have installed our NAATI CCL Mobile app and seen improvement in just 15 days of practice

 Be aware of the common NAATI CCL exam mistakes that most applicants lose their marks to and try to avoid them in the exam.

You are ready & feel it

The exam could bring a lot of stress to some of us and that will definitely ruin up the day for you and also your weeks of preparation. Fear or nervousness during those 20-30 minutes is dangerous. It will affect dialogue delivery, or you might miss out on the important points and impact your score.

So take a breather and relax… stress won't do any good.

What do CCL Tutorials have for you?

Everything you need!!!

CCL Tutorials have online NAATI CCL coaching courses for end-to-end preparation of the CCL exam.

Our experts go far and beyond to help candidates achieve the 5 PR points.

From guidance to study material, mock tests to exam day tips we stand by you and work on the goal together. 

NAATI CCL Test Dates:

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