The NAATI CCL Test is a boon for those looking for 5 extra points for Australia Permanent Residency. The test is relatively easier, takes about 20 minutes to complete, is less expensive, and also, the results are declared faster. But, being a recently introduced test, there are still unanswered questions in the minds of test-takers about what it takes to crack the NAATI-CCL exam, how to Prepare for NAATI CCL test and more.

In this blog, we attempt to dispel some of these doubts about NAATI CCL Preparation and give NAATI CCL tips and strategies that test-takers need to internalise to pass the test and apply for Australia PR with 5 extra points in their kitty.

  1. Know commonly made errors

Your performance on the test will be evaluated using a deductive marking system, which means you lose marks for every error committed, even if you make the same mistakes multiple times.

What to avoid:

  • Omissions
  • Distortions of meaning
  • Additions
  • Grammatical errors
  • Lack of fluency

Your task is to interpret without loss of meaning, so avoid adding anything from your end, or missing out on interpreting anything mentioned in the dialogues. You'll lose marks if you distort the essence of what the speakers say. It is better to use these best NAATI CCL tips starting from the practice itself.

  1. Practice active listening

Active listening is when you don't just listen, but also understand what is being said, with the context and the background. Approach the dialogues not only from the perspective of an exam question. Put yourself in the shoes of the interpreter who is facilitating a conversation between a speaker of English, and LOTE, in different situations that may arise in the Australian social life. It can range from anything like a conversation that takes place at the doctor's clinic, or at a parent-teacher meeting, or a meeting between a lawyer and a client, etc.

In such situations, neither party knows the language spoken by the other. Your interpretation is what they are going to rely on to understand each other's needs. So, it is essential that you listen actively.

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  1. Memory skills

You will need a sharp memory. Yes, there are your notes to bank on, but it always helps if you have excellent memory retention. The important thing for you to remember during the NAATI CCL Preparation is that you are not just expected to deliver the meaning, but you have to have a reasonable amount of accuracy. Cover all the words, as any words or themes missed out means marks deduction.

  1.  Speak at an even speed

Avoid speaking too fast, or two slow. Maintain an even speed. Try to avoid pauses. Pauses during the test are considered as sign of distraction and lack of confidence.

  1. Develop your note-taking skills

You will have to depend a lot on your note-taking skills. So, it helps to prepare accordingly. During the NAATI CCL preparation, practice with some audio clippings from TV, YouTube, or Radio, and take notes, writing down keywords, essential details mentioned in the audio like names, numbers, places, etc. Develop your shorthand and symbols.

  1. Identify your week language

Identify which is your week language. You need to immerse yourself completely in the language that you are not confident about. There are lots of online resources that will help you in developing proficiency in the weaker language. Read literature related to conversations during social situations of Australian life from diverse fields like medicine, education, law, finance, housing, business, etc.

If you follow these amazing NAATI CCL tips and get proper practice, you will certainly do well in the exam.

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