The NAATI CCL test is quite popular amongst those who want to get those 5 golden points for their Australia PR. Compared to the other tests conducted by NAATI, CCL is relatively easier to crack.

If you've been following our blog, you've already read about the NAATI CCL test format and also the tips and tricks that we've been sharing regularly. We hope you've had a great time practising for the test.

Here are some key pointers:

1. Read the confirmation email carefully

Once you reach the test centre, read your confirmation email very thoroughly. If you notice any spelling error in your name, or any other sort of errors in the email, request for a correction straightaway.

2. Don't forget your ID

Just like in the PTE & IELTS, your passport serves as your ID for the NAATI CCL test. Remember to carry it with you to the test centre.

3. Inside the waiting room

Once your identification check is done, you'll be taken to the waiting room. Please note that you are not allowed to carry any electronic devices with you to the waiting room. If you have any such devices with you, leave them at the welcome desk.

However, you are allowed to take your notes inside, so you can continue revising them while you wait for your turn.

How do you know it is your turn? The test authorities provide a list in the waiting room, which has the names of candidates. Check the list for your name, and the order in which you will be called for the test so that you get a fair idea about how long you'll have to wait.

PRO-TIP: Carry food, water & any medications you are taking, because at times the wait can get very long. You'll want to be fresh for the test.

4. Inside the test room

Once it is your turn, you will be taken to test room, where there will be a camera across your or in front of you, for monitoring purposes. There may also be other cameras in the room.

There will be an invigilator in the room, whose job is only to ensure that the exam is adequately conducted as per the guidelines.

Please note that the invigilator will not mark your performance.

Instead, a recorder will be placed in front of you, which will capture both the dialogues that are to be interpreted and your responses.

At the end of the test, that recording goes to the examiners for marking purposes.

PRO-TIP: You will be given a pen and a notepad inside the test for note-taking. So, when you practice solving CCL mock tests, use the same to get used to it.

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Best of luck!