Practice for NAATI CCL With the Best Mobile App!
August 06, 2018

Are you planning to appear for the NAATI Credentialed Community Language (CCL) exam? If yes, then you may be already aware how important the test is. If you are looking for the 5 bonus points for Australian PR, taking the NAATI CCL test is a good idea. The NAATI CCL is easier to crack than any other NAATI exam, because of its relatively low difficulty level.

The CCL test judges a candidate's ability to convey the meaning and essence of a conversation from English to LOTE (Language Other Than English) and vice versa. It is an in-class test where a candidate is tested one-on-one, and the test answers are recorded on the microphone.  Candidates need a lot of practice under real-time conditions to familiarise themselves with the format of the test and question types. It is critical to practice with as many NAATI CCL Practice tests as possible.

The challenge is that you may never have enough time for NAATI CCL preparation because of other commitments, no matter whether you are a student or a working professional. You may have to juggle other academic engagements, assignments, or challenging work life.

At CCL Tutorials, we have strived to combine our commitment to top-notch preparation, and modern technology to bring you a one-stop app for all things CCL! The CCL Tutorials app has all the essential practice materials, tests, and an evolved system enabling self-study and evaluation. You get the same quality and standard of CCL Tutorials, now delivered to your mobile phone via our app. Study at your convenience, own pace, and in your style, without compromising on the quality of your preparation. 

The Best Android & iOS App for CCL Practice is here!

Features that make the CCL Tutorials app indispensable for NAATI CCL test-takers:

  • Quality sample tests with both set of dialogues to familiarise you with the test format
  • Free NAATI practice test and evaluation that let you measure your preparation
  • Excellent listening practice with audio recordings to help you interpret and translate better
  • Separate vocabulary section to help you improve your understanding of the language
  • Quality study materials at absolutely zero cost
  • Ability to book personal or group coaching sessions from the app in a seamless, and hassle-free manner
  • Separate section for Professional Year Program, Australia
  • Points calculator feature which lets you check your eligibility
  • Insightful tips and strategies for the test in the blog section
  • Great videos on CCL preparation strategies
  • Join CCL Tutorials group on Telegram

Imagine how this has the potential to make your life easy. Manage everything with the app's interactive dashboard, which manages practice tests, sample questions, online coaching, blogs, etc. in the matter of a few taps. You get to prepare yourself by practising under real-time test conditions, and then get a quick review of how well you performed.



The CCL Tutorials App is continuously evolving our team is always working on introducing the latest features to enrich your CCL preparation experience. We are determined to turn it into a powerful tool that makes CCL preparation exciting and comfortable. Download the CCL Tutorials app now on your Android and iOS mobile and kick-start your practice!